Quality Is More Than Just a Good Product

BTPharma® adopted the quality policy that achieves the mission of finding effective solutions to health problems without side effects and at an appropriate cost.
To make life easier and healthier, we are working hardly to follow the scientific research methodology, modern management methods and technology acquisitions to achieve our Vision to be a leading company in the field of medicinal herbs all over the globe.
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          Who we are

           An industrial company specialized in developing Pharmaceutical products containing natural medicinal herbs to insure that our products free of harmful industrial substances or genetically modified materials.

          Development and registration of important pharmaceutical & herbal  products in middle east, africa, north america,  europe and the rest of the world We strive to be a global company with scientific offices and manufacturing sites in different parts of the globe

          We at BTPhrama, have a deep believe that each member is one of BTPharma’s family who is entitled for full support in terms of skills & knowledge development, and considered to be the real asset of BTPharma.

          Founders & Work Team

          A team of pharmacists, engineers and pharmaceutical
          experts with a wealth of experience in R&D, QA, QC, S&M from major
          leading companies


          Private Labeling
          Once you’ve found a promising product category,
          you’ll need to research private label manufacturers in that sector.


          Production supply

          Let us take care of the details,
          We can supply and service all of your needs from BTPharma Products.


          Contract Manufacturing
          We are committed to quality, value, and customer service.
          Our team seeks to understand each customer’s unique requirements and find solutions to touch challenges.


          Technical Consultation
          Our Unrivalled Service & Expertise Ensures We Meet The Highest Standards
          On All Projects. We Are Transformative. Better Project Results. Dispute Resolution. A Better Future.

          Drug Product Development
          Speed Your Formula Through Early Phase Trials & Prepare for Commercial Success, Faster.
          Find Out Why We're the Leading Contract Development & Manufacturing Organization. 

          Production Capacity
          The maximum daily production capacity reaches 25,000 pieces per day.


          Popular Now

          IRON ORAL LIQUID a Unique Hydroxid polymaltose iron it Contains 40 mg of Iron Hydroxide
          Polymaltose / 10 ml, the Active Ingredient
          for Iron deficiency.

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