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BTPharma Iron Oral Liquid (40 mg/ 10 ml)


A unique formula that contains 40 mg of Iron as (Iron Hydroxide Polymaltose).

This active ingredient is used in cases of iron deficiency. 

Our product concentration/ strength covers the appropriate daily amount needed for human, which have a higher and faster proportional absorption, including a gentle touch on the stomach with a delicious vanilla and caramel flavor.

Why do we use BTPharma Iron Oral Liquid (40 mg/ 10 ml)?

Uses and Benefits of Iron: 

Iron contributes to the normal cognitive development of children.

Helps replenish iron stores and increases hemoglobin levels in the body.

Symptoms of iron deficiency and anemia:

General fatigue, appearance of dark circles, pale skin, dizziness and headache, heart palpitations.

Hair loss, curvature, and weak nails.

Anemia affects most of the world's women and children suffer from it.

What is the correct dosage of BTPharma Iron Oral Liquid:

One vial per day, from 12 years of old and over.

Features of BTPharma Iron Oral Liquid (40 mg / 10 ml):

Ideal for those who dislike or have difficulty swallowing tablets.

Has a delicious, sweet Vanilla & Caramel Flavor.

Safe for adults & children from 12 years old and over.

Direction of Use:

Drink one vial daily.

Pack Size:

10 Vials / Box.

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